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●Doug is asexual. It makes my life easier because he looks friggin' twelve and that's awkward, and. Most importantly, it's hilarious. People can tease him for being just like a kid! HA. (Even though sexual attraction has next to nothing to do with maturity, shh shh I understand my aces an' graces, it's okay.) Plus, Doug doesn't visibly show interest in anything that's not: A) fighting, B) Galahad, C) protecting his Guildmembers, D) that cop guy, or E) Nic. Some of his fellow Guilders make fun of his kiddish behavior every now and then--it's out of love, camaraderie, really--and his not bein' interested in the ladies has been among the topics. Not often, though.
●this is embarrassing my headcanons are dumb why am I doing this he's such a minor character ugh
●PARENTS???? canon: they were both Twilights, his mom died before his dad, and his dad was in the West Gate Mercenaries. Therefore his dad was probably a hardass. His mom was mentally damaged in some way, but caring. She died when Doug was young.
●WHEN SOUTH GATE THO??? The moment he was old enough to fight, they put him into the mercenaries. It was later that they shipped him off to Ergastulum. I think he was like 15? IDR, but his age was established in canon.

less headcanon and more personality analyzing that I haven't thrown into that shitty app
●WHY DOES DOUG NOT WANT TO FIGHT NIC? Other than the obvious "shit he's crazy and he'll kill me next time he ODs." Well, the mercenary troops thing was a connection. They're both strays, and they were both in the mercenary troops. Doug's dad was in the same troop as Nic, however long back. Doug had never met a survivor of West Gate before Nic. He doesn't wanna kill the guy. He actually wanted to avoid Nic, because of that connection. The only times after that we see Doug with Nic is A) when the Guild sent him over to Bastard for a job, and B) when he asked Nic to be his witness for his video will to Gal. It's likely he didn't trust anyone else enough for that. I don't think Doug's very close to anyone else in the Guild besides Gal. So there's definitely a connection there, between Doug and Nic. They both Get It. And Doug doesn't want to fuck that up. But he also doesn't want too much of it, because short lifespans are a very real thing, and death is up on the roof, watching you, every day. He's not looking for other friends; Galahad is all he needs. (Even though many of the other Guildmembers clearly care about Doug, he doesn't open up to them.)

My thoughts are pretty disjointed on this. I can't fully express what I mean. I'll have to come back to it later.
●THE MERCENARY GUILD. Doug claims he doesn't care about the Guild. He's in it because "the unwritten rules of Ergastulum." He don't got a choice. He was shipped there in shackles and employed. But when he's fighting
Nic, Doug says this: "They're nothing but hindrances. The Monroes and the Cristianos. The cops too" (ch 9). He just included every family except for Paul Klee and Corsica. The Corsica family runs weapons through Ergastulum, and they had hired him at the time. That's pretty damn useful. And obviously, Paul Klee is the mercenary guild. Getting any sort of compliment from Doug is big praise, because he so rarely gives any. SO. Doug actually thinks very highly of the Paul Klee Colony. And since Doug listened to his fellow Guildmember when he told him to run and warn the others* (right before Doug got killed), I posit that Doug's actually fairly loyal to the guild. He doesn't follow the rules all the time, because they're stupid (he's reckless) and he wants to fight for Reasons, but he holds the Guild at a higher regard than the other families. At the very least. It is all he has, afterall.

*Though, the reason he ran was largely survival instinct. Doug is a very argumentative guy, and he listened to the guy telling him to RUN FROM HUNTERS WHO WERE KILLING THEM OFF LEFT AND RIGHT. Like hell he's gonna think twice about that. I'm saying it's partly loyalty as well.
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For those whose characters are nosy sons of bitches. SPOILERS for Gangsta ch8 and on, basically. especially ch28.

be prepaaaaaared for rambling )
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This is really sad--prepare yoselves.

Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10????
something in the middle here I think--a glimpse of him in a clinic bed
Chapter 14
Chapter 22
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 29

Excuse me while I just...


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How's my killing driving?

Gangsta's a bit of an obscure manga, so I don't expect anyone out there to know it. But if you have anything you wanna say about him, good or bad, take it up here! Don't be an asshole.

Y'know, have you ever thought about how enthusiasm is seen as childish? What's up with that? Adults have energy too y'know, oi oi.



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