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❚❚❚❚❚ BASICS.

■ NAME & ID CODE: Doug
■ CANON: Gangsta, end of ch25
■ AGE: 21
■ CURRENT TEAM & STATUS: Peachy? Injured?
■ LANGUAGE: English
❚❚❚❚❚ IC.
■ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: he will punch and kick his way to your heart. as for you, GOOD LUCK? he's really not all that physically affectionate. he will probably be confused. which will be hilarious
■ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: GO FOR IT. he's probably asking for it. literally. piss him off, and he'll brotherly shove you or lunge at you. or some other vaguely violent thing.
--No, he won't be dying for anyone, kthx.
--He's got no qualms about killing people as ordered, to protect those he cares about, and anyone who gets between him and his target. As a Twilight, by the three principles, he's not supposed to hurt any humans ever. But no promises :')
--Don't really see why he'd want to mutilate some dead guy's body, but...if he had to to survive, he would! Dead bodies ain't no thang.
■ RELATIONSHIPS: he's not all that social, but he can warm up to certain people pretty quick, depending on a few factors. basically, try! more than likely, he'll be like the annoying little brother you never wanted.
■ MENTAL INFORMATION: He was in a military troop for many years, but he's not torn up about it. Death is a daily thing for him. He's seen people cut in half. Oh, and he died horribly. Fun times! the only thing he's all that anguished about is HOW MUCH DYING SUCKED. and that's more the pissed kind of "FUCK THAT GUY WHO KILLED ME, THAT HURT." everything else, well. it is what it is. he doesn't even got "unfinished business," really.
■ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Twilight. Earth. mostly human biology. Some battle scars on his torso, legs, and probably other places covered by his clothes. His growth is stunted to the size of an average twelve-year-old. This is his "compensation"--a defect that every Twilight is born with, as a price for their superhuman abilities. Also, he died. More fun times!
■ FAVORITE SENSORY INPUT: Sight, sound, touch--in that order. what a strange question...
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Doug can handle most anything; he doesn't really have known triggers
■ REBELLIOUS TENDENCIES: HAHA WELL. He follows orders well enough, but he's likely to rebel if he wants something badly. That something will likely be "I want to fight this strong person, even if my methods of doing it will fuck everyone over." (He's an idiot sometimes.)
❚❚❚❚❚ OOC.
■ PLAYER: Nico / Nruu
■ PREFERRED CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] NruuCake
■ BACKTAGGING: YES, ALWAYS. If I dropped something and you want me to pick up, hit me.
■ FOURTHWALLING: HOLYSHIT YES. My favorite joke, seriously, do the thing. Doug will react hilariously, even
■ ACTION VS PROSE: prefer action, though I'll certainly prose within brackets. if ya really like, I'll full-out prose. but expect slower tags.
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: rape (specifically when it's victim blaming or used as a joke)
  ●I just don't porn. period. I'm not good at it. but seriously, that shouldn't even
  be a question. I mean--have you seen the kid I play?
  ●Doug will not be losing limbs, ty
  ●extreme physical torture. mental is fine, to a point. talk to   me.
  ●I'd rather Doug not die. again.
  ●sexual non-con. just. nnnno
  ●violence! fighting! let there be blood
  ●fluff! comedy! I do love me a laugh
  ●angst! bonding. broships
  ●and p much anything else not in the NO list.

■ ANYTHING ELSE? talk mythos to me

ok ok, seriously. (no but do talk myth with me) Doug is a Twilight. this means A) he's got superhuman strength/etc. and B) he's supposed to follow the three principles. basically, he's not supposed to harm humans. at all. not even in self-defense. not even if they're going to kill him. what bullshit.

he's also supposed to follow any order a human gives him, if it doesn't harm another human. but he.....doesn't have.....the greatest track record with that...... so good luck with that!