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Extensive Character Info

For those whose characters are nosy sons of bitches. SPOILERS for Gangsta ch8 and on, basically. especially ch28.

Doug is a Twilight. This means his physical strength, durability, speed, and sense of smell are greatly enhanced when compared to a human, or "Normal." He's an A/0 rank, which means he's hella fast and hella powerful. He's not considered a hard hitter as far as high ranked Twilights go; his strength is in his acrobatics and swing power. In his hands, his kukri can behead someone as smoothly as a dull knife does warm butter.

As a Twilight, Doug is supposed to follow the Three Principles. They are:

Article One: Twilights must not intentionally hurt humans. Destroying the overall balance by disregarding this rule is forbidden.

Article Two: Twilights must obey rules directed to them by humans. However, orders that conflict with Article One are exceptions.

Article Three: If the situation does not conflict with Articles One and Two, a Twilight must defend oneself.

Oh, and Doug died. He died of blood loss and multiple sword wounds. He was pretty much a mess. His heart has since re-started, though, due to the magic of roleplay, so he's not a zombie or anything. He just shouldn't be alive.

Now for some history...mostly copied from my app in progress that is rough as hell. Bear with me.

Doug was born to two Twilight parents outside of Ergastulum. He is what the people of his world call a “stray.” All Twilights born outside of Ergastulum are called this. Doug implies his mother died at an incredibly young age. His father died “well above 30,” likely before he was sent to Ergastulum. At some point in his youth, Doug joined the South Gate Mercenaries, a military troop. It’s implied that this wasn’t by choice, though we don’t know when. Later, Doug was shipped off to Ergastulum when he was 16. He arrived at the Paulklee Colony (a mercenary guild that's pretty damn mafia) in wooden shackles. He was despondent and quiet. We only see him with one expression at this point of his life: desolate resignation. He didn’t seem to express any kind of emotion whatsoever. He had closed himself off from everyone else, completely anti-social. He seemed to spend his free time sitting alone on roofs--this is where we see Galahad and Doug first connect. Galahad found him, grinned, and offered Doug a canned drink. As people don’t usually just stumble across another person while holding a drink on top of a roof, Galahad likely spotted him, then got the drink to give him. Later, they began to train together.

At this time in Doug’s life, he had no one. He arrived with nothing but the clothes on his back, and even that was replaced for the Paulklee army camo uniform. He was completely emotionally closed off at this time of his life.

Shortly after, Doug befriended a senior Twilight in the guild: a man named Galahad Woehor. They became so close, that one day, Doug styled his hair into dreadlocks, like Galahad wore his. Galahad was his mentor, so Doug did his best to emulate him. It’s clear that he respects him and cares about him.

We are introduced to Doug after he accepts a mission to… Being in the mercenary guild, Doug can accept or decline any request to kill a target. He chose to accept a request from the Corsica family to kill Daniel Monroe, AKA Danny the Gunslinger, who’s aligned with the Cristiano family. Danny is the cornerstone for Twilight protection in Ergastulum. If he died, the “balance” of Ergastulum would fall apart, and Twilights would likely lose the little freedom they have.

Doug’s only reason for accepting the request? He wanted a good fight. He figured that Danny would have a strong Twilight guarding him. Doug didn’t even give a passing thought to how he would be screwing over the entire Twilight population.

And who to come to Danny's rescue but one of Gangsta's titular main characters? Nicolas Brown. Doug fought him. He put the job first, though, and tried to behead Danny numerous times. Alas, he nearly died because Nic fucking cheats and overdoses on Celebre, meaning that he basically 'roids up and goes nutso on his enemies. Shit was scary. After a fellow guild member saved Doug, his guild put him on house arrest as punishment for breaking the Three Principles (and being a fucking idiot).

By the time Doug’s house arrest ended, a group of Hunters had already begun their attack on the Cristiano family. Lead by the anti-tagged Corsica family, the Hunters targeted Twilights. They slaughtered a club full of them. The Paulklee Guild answered the distress signal, Doug included, and cleaned up the mess.

The matter settled, Ginger and Doug returned to base. Galahad remained with the Cristianos, as he worked for them. Unfortunately, the Paulklee Colony was next on the Hunters’ list. They attacked headquarters with a much larger group. They called themselves the Destroyers. Doug fought them alongside a couple of his fellow guild members. A Hunter by the name of Colt cut them down quicker than they could blink. As one of the last fell, he told Doug to run.

So he did. Moments before the man cut Doug down. Somehow, Doug managed to stagger away with a bleeding jugular, a deep chest wound, and his gut sliced open. He stumbled upon Galahad, who caught him as he fell. They shared some final words--well, choked, gurgling sounds on Doug’s end--and Doug passed on his tags to his closest friend. Stored within was a video of Doug’s final will.

In it, Doug addressed Galahad and told him what to do with his stuff. He said he keeps his money in his bed springs, and that Gal should “use it for drinking with Hausen or something.” He then said that a doctor told him he would only live till he’s 25. He was 21 at the time. That was what spurred him to make the video with Nicolas Brown as his witness. Doug continued, saying that someone as talented as Galahad will live a long life, and so he must go through a lot of these kinds of records. He said, “Gal, you must be sick of it… But even so, I… I hope...you’re the one who gets this.”

Although all records of him would be burned post death, he hoped that Galahad would keep that recording and remember him.

And so Doug died.